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Monday, February 8, 2010

Stingray: Stingray, pt 2

Atlanta and Commander Shore worry as they can't contact Stingray.

Commander Shore calls for Battle Stations. All buildings, all cars, are lowered underground.

Troy Tempest recovers conscoiusness to find himself caputured by King Titan of the underwater city, Titanica. The buidings are air-filled. Troy tells Titan that he is from WASP. They are investigators, not fighters.

Commander Shore orders hydronic missiles made ready. Since they've lost contact with Troy and Stingray, they are going to bombard the entire area. (I'm not sure if this warlike intention is intentionally ironic, or just a plot device!)

Troy is on trial. If the fish god Teufel turns away from him within one marine minute, Troy and his crew (Phones) will be put to death.

Teufel turns away. At the exact instant King Titan declares Troy's death sentence, a thousand miles away, Atlanta accidently drops a photo of Troy.

Troy and Phones on their way to the Robot Fish that will take them to Aquatraz where they will be executed. For some reason the mute slave-girl Marina is ordered to accompany them.

The command module of the Robot Fish traveled through the tube and into the fish. Here the Fish has disengaged and is heading out to sea.

Marina unties Troy and Phones.

An amphibian comes to check on Troy. Troy kicks him where it hurts, and then takes over the ship.

Thirty minutes until the missiles launch.

WASP headquarters alerted by scanners that a robot fish is coming toward them.

Underwater interceptors readied.

Atlanta realizes the ship is towing the Stingray.

Troy tells the story to Shore, Atlanta and an unidentified technician. (We never do find out what they did with the two amphibians. Keep them prisoner? Set them free to swim home?)

"How did you manage to tow the Stingray back without your underwater gear?" asks Atlanta. It is only then that Troy introduces Marina, whom he has not told them about at all previously - so he apparently doesn't intend to reveal her integral role in their escape!

WASP finally knows there are underwater races. They finally know what they're up against. Atlanta realizes what she's up against, too.

The mute Marina simply smiles.

The Voice Performers
Don Mason - Captain Troy Tempest
Robert Easton - Lieutenant George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan, Secret Agent X20
Ray Barrett - Commander Sam Shore, King Triton
Lois Maxwell - Lieutenant Atlanta Shore
David Graham - various voices

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