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Friday, February 19, 2010

Stingray: Hostages of the Deep

Retired World Navy Admiral Henry and his wife Milly live on their own private island.

But they are not alone.

Gadeth tells them his mission is to destroy Troy Tempest. He orders Henry to send a distress call.

Meanwhile, at the living quarters at Marineville.

Phones and Troy have a little robot fish, with which they intend to play a joke on Atlanta.

After receiving the distress signal, Troy, Phones and Marina head to the Stingray, and launch toward the island of Low.

Commander Shore, knowing that the distress signal was a trap (Henry had used the code phrase "Proceed with vigor," which means that there's a problem) calls Battle Stations. Every building is lowered underground.

Aquastingers are moved into position.

Arriving at their destination, Troy surfaces the sub some way off, and looks around with the periscope.

Everything seems peaceful.

In a secluded bay, the amphibian's ship, with Henry and his wife aboard, tied up.

Troy and Phones use aircars to fly to the island.

Gadeth watches them as they fall into his trap.

Troy and Phones look at the house, which seems deserted.

Troy decides to use the little robot fish, introduced earlier in the story, to investigate the house.

The fish triggers an explosion!

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