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Friday, February 19, 2010

Stingray: Hostages of the Deep Part 2

Gadeth sees that Troy has survived.

He returns to his base.

But is followed by Stingray.

However, Stingray is too small to get through the narrow tunnel.

Troy and Phones dont' have enough oxygen to get through the three-mile tunnel. Marina goes on her own.

Realizing what Marina has done, Troy and Phones go after her.

Even with the use of the Sea Bugs (scooters) Troy and Phones are dangerously low on air.

Marina is captured.

When 10 marine minutes are up, the candle will burn through the rope,and the swordfish will drop and impale Marina.

Troy and Phones arrive just in time. After a gunfight, the amphibians surrender.

Troy works to unchain Marina.

Just in time!

Henry and Milly thank Stingray for rescuing them.

And Marina thanks them, too.

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