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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stingray: Sea of Oil Part 2

The craft in which Atlanta is a hostage returns to its home base, inside an underwater seamount.

Her kidnapper takes her to the ruler of the city, who points out that the surface people are invaders, trying to destroy their homes with their drills.

Atlanta points out that they were drilling for oil and had no way of knowing about the city.

The two humanoids believe Atlanta, but all is lost. A bomb has been placed on the Stingray. Fortunately, the seal has found the bomb, and tosses it overboard.

The humanoids take Atlanta out in their ship, hoping to communicate with Stingray and prevent a war.

The two peoples use different radio frequencies. But Atlanta manipulates the craft's engines in Morse code, and Phones realizes what has happened. Crisis averted.

Troy Tempest and the humanoids come to an understanding.

The drill strikes oil. Grand celebrations!

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