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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stingray: Sea of Oil Part 1

Mr. Preston waits tensely as the drill reaches down to the ocean bottom and begins to drill.

He hears a strange noise and orders the drill shut down. He and his men evacuate, and the drill rig is destroyed.

Mr. Preston asks for help from the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. This is the third deep sea oil rig that has been destroyed.

Commander Shore agrees to send Stingray to the fourth oilrig, for it to observe while the drilling takes place.

Atlanta accompanies Tempest, Phones and Marina to the rig.

It's a long trip to the rig. The automatic bosun pilots the craft while Phones and Troy...

and Atlanta get some shut eye. (Where's Marina's bunk?)

The Stingray crew arrive at the oil rig. Mr. Preston is appreciative of Atlanta, more appreciative when he sees Marina.

A friendly seal arrives on the oil rig.

Atlanta sets up a communications relay while Stingray goes down to wtch the drilling.

A strange craft watches the drilling.

And that night...

Atlanta is kidnapped.

Marina, who was on deck enjoying the view, does not see the kidnapping, but she sees wet footprints.

Atlanta sees the bubbles in the water.

She dives in and follows the kidnappers, then returns and communicate to Troy what has occurred.

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