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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stingray: Plant of Doom pt 2

Marina, Troy and Phones enter the palace room.

They have a sumptious dinner.

Various fruits and lobsters

Marina enjoys the aroma of the plant, then replaces the cover.

Troy invites Marina to come to Marineville, but understand if she chooses to remain behind.

The Stingray is underway when Marina swims up to them (carrying that plant). "Open the starboard airlock, Phones," Troy says happily.

Back at Marineville, Troy tells what happened. Atlanta is concerned that Marina may be a spy, still working for King Titan.

Marina appears, and gives Atlanta the flower as a gift.

Atlanta plays the piano in her room. The flower begins to give off its aroma.

Atlanta faints.

Troy sees her through the window, unconscious. He breaks in and rescues her.

Everyone think Marina did it deliberately, except Troy.

The piano, and flower, have been moved into the command room, where Marina sees it.

Marina begins to play the piano. Very badly.

From their vantage point, Phones, Troy, Commander Shore and Atlanta watch.

Atlanta wants to call off the experiment, as she knows what Marina is oging through. But Shore wants to be sure.

Marina faints, and so they know that she knew nothing of the deadly flower. Atlanta promises to teach her how to play the piano, and gives her a lesson then and there.

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