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Friday, June 3, 2011

Blackadder II (1986) Head

Blackadder trying to teach Baldrick elementary math. "The ape creatures of the Indus have mastered this."

Percy showing off his new ruff.

Steven Fry as Melchett and Miranda Richardson as Queen Elizabeth

Melchett informs Blackadder he is to be the next Lord High Executioner.

Blackadder gives Melchett a dirty look.

Blackadder meets his staff. Mr. Ploppy, played by Bill Wallis.

Mistress Ploppy (no relation to Mr. Ploppy) played by Linda Polan

And "young Ploppy" aka Baldrick as the executioner.

Mrs. Farrow pleas with the Queen to allow her to see her husband, destined to be executed the next day.

Holly de Jong as Mrs. Farrow. Queen Elizabeth orders Blackadder to let her see her husband...whom he had executed early.

Baldrick is to wear a bag and impersonate Farrow.

Blackadder explains to Mrs Farrow that her husnabd has graciously agreed to wear a bag, so that the other inmates won't be jealous of him seeing his wife.

Baldrick is too short, so Blackadder puts on the bag.

Patrick Duncan as Farrow's brother pleads for his release

Fortunately, Baldrick killed the wrong man, Farrow is alive, Ponsonby is dead.

Queen Elizabeth wants to see Ponsonby beffore he's executed the next day, but he was executed earlier - in mistake for Farrow. "She'll realize...he's deeeaaaad." excaims Blackadder. They need a cunning plan.

Blackadder dons bag again to impersonate Ponsonby, who only had one leg.

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